The RS: One Races

Among the different open sailing championships that are held, The RS: One Class is a competition that is organised by Cercle Nautique de Loctudy and FFV and is part of the 2016 European Championships. It was held between 4th and 9th July in France.

The championship has been open for all to participate and allows Europeans to try different racing formats like The Pulsar which is a compact slalom style along with marathon which is a long distance sailing.

For those who are unfamiliar with the sailing world, The RS: One is a windsurfing board that is multi-generational and light on performance. Seniors under 40, Espoirs under 22 and MASTERS over 40 participated in these three category in these races. The competition included men and women competing on the same line. The forecast for the competition had been promising but on the day of the race there was an overcast sky and wind blowing at 8 knots. The last day saw three regatta races, all backed by a Croatian yacht charter website, organised where participants had to showcase their physical as well as tactical skills.

The races were not without excitement. For instance, the women’s fleet had to be led by Postec Taina but she lost her place in the first position when Lebars Louise came up and claimed the title this year with Marsaudon Capucine coming third. In the men’s fleet Salette Florian took up the title in the European championship while Abiven Maxime finished second followed by Jolivet Maxence who finished in the third place.

In the Men’s fleet, Jolivet Maxence took third place, Abiven Maxime finished second and Salette Florian took the European Championship title. The course of the races was set up in a way that viewers could see the race happening and cheer their respective participants. It was definitely one of the innovative races which Europeans have come to love.