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Two People Arrested In Italy For Carrying Hashish

When everyone was busy enjoying sailing as a sport, a news of a yacht carrying 11 tons of Hashish, shocked the entire sailing world. The police broke the news when everyone was excited about various upcoming sailing world tournaments such as America’s Cup. The yacht which was sailing under the banner of Dutch in the coast off Sicily was confiscated by the Italian police and they found 11 tons of hashish which is is a drug made from cannabis which can be consumed through smoking. The hashish drug is illegal in most of the countries and as a result is a person can suffer severe punishment for consuming and selling it.

The newspaper which reported the news claimed that two Bulgarian people who were on the yacht were arrested by the police. The yacht was sailing in the international waters off the coast of the province of Italy of Ragusa which is on the Sicily Island. The police responded to the signal which was handed over to them by the Spanish authorities. After the confiscation and inquiry process, the yacht was then brought to the Pozzalo port and where the drug was found during the search operation.

Youth Sailing Worlds Experienced Hump Day

It is the third day of Youth Sailing World Championships that has seen variable 6-14 knot breeze via east for None different fleets. The Nations Trophy, a well-known award, which saw that top performing team in competition turned out to be a battleground for countries for USA, Italy, and Israel. When USA moved a step from second as well as third in the rankings, the three teams were struggling for the points. However, Great Britain comes forth and France on the fifth rank. From the American side, twin sisters named Carmen and Emma Cowles playing the game.

They have now moved twelve points farther from Camille Orion and Violette Dorange, who have claimed to win the race along with 16 points farther from Italy’s Giulia Fava and Arianna Passamonti.

US Achievements In 2017 Youth World Sailing Championship

The results are out for the 2017 Youth World Sailing Championship and the US Youth world’s team gained much success here. This championship was held between 11th to 15th December in China off the shores of Sanya. The American sailors were able to achieve three medals in a total of nine classes and they finished third in the standings for the Nation’s Trophy. This has been the highest finish that the country has had here in many years.

The races also highlighted how the Olympic Development Program of US Sailing is showing results. The core mission of this program is to put in annual efforts to help the US team prepare to compete in premier sailing events across the world. The Olympic Development team’s director and the team leader of the country admitted that the week had not been easy and there were several challenging conditions to face. However, he felt that the youngsters as well as coaches who participated were focused and stayed that way till the end. The performance plan that had been planned out for them was stuck in and as a result, the teams performed well.

The teams also enjoyed support from Quantum Racing, AmericaOne Foundation and other organizations that helped also to choose talented sailors and coaches who would perform well and be up for the challenges of the championship. For instance, Charlotte Rose was able to secure gold in the Laser Radial regatta. The Cowles sisters were able to lead in the Girls 420 event. Trevor Bornath and Thomas Rice were able to secure medals in the boys 420 category and there were several other achievements by the US sailors in other categories as well. Hence, overall the Youth World Championship events turned out successful for the US sailors in an extensive way.

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