Thief takes yacht for fun ride

A convicted outlaw has been charged with the theft of a Hornblower yacht and taking it for a fun ride around the San Diego Bay. The incident took place earlier this weekend.

On Wednesday, 37 year old Jorge Glaviria pleaded not guilty to 4 felony counts including vandalism, theft as well as setting a yacht adrift. Prosecutors told that Jorge jumped a fence on Saturday morning and the he floated away in the Newport Hornblower yacht that is primarily used for wedding ceremonies and dinner cruises.

A leading news channel got hold of still images taken from a webcam. It showed that the vessel circled it for around 8 hours. On Saturday morning, the employees saw the yacht floating on the water and noticed that Jorge looking back at them with a pair of binoculars.

The Harbor Police reported that Jorge then jumped off the boat and attempted to swim away from the place before he was caught. The prosecutors also stated that he also damaged the yacht. On Wednesday, prosecutor Nicole Venegas told in court that the damages are likely to be more than US$ 25000 and that is why we’re asking for this (high) bail.  He also has a recent criminal history.

Already Jorge is a convicted thief on law-breaking probation. Back in September, last year, he was declared guilty to stealing an all new Mercedes Benz from an El Cajon shop and the taking it on for a little ride.