Two People Arrested In Italy For Carrying Hashish

When everyone was busy enjoying sailing as a sport, a news of a yacht carrying 11 tons of Hashish, shocked the entire sailing world. The police broke the news when everyone was excited about various upcoming sailing world tournaments such as America’s Cup. The yacht which was sailing under the banner of Dutch in the coast off Sicily was confiscated by the Italian police and they found 11 tons of hashish which is is a drug made from cannabis which can be consumed through smoking. The hashish drug is illegal in most of the countries and as a result is a person can suffer severe punishment for consuming and selling it.

The newspaper which reported the news claimed that two Bulgarian people who were on the yacht were arrested by the police. The yacht was sailing in the international waters off the coast of the province of Italy of Ragusa which is on the Sicily Island. The police responded to the signal which was handed over to them by the Spanish authorities. After the confiscation and inquiry process, the yacht was then brought to the Pozzalo port and where the drug was found during the search operation.

The police suspected that the drugs were being carried from Morocco and were supposed to be delivered to Libya. Ground Duty Officers Course Chief Ivaylo Spiridonov confirmed the information regarding the 2 Bulgarian accused in Italy. However, the chief refused to disclose the identity of the detainees but clarified that one of them had a criminal record for a drink and drive in his country and is suspected as a member of the drug cartel. The chief made it clear that they will not intervene in the prosecution process against these accused which will be carried out in Italy.