Sail Racing Clothing Partner Of WMRT

The World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) has been appointed by the Swedish company (SRI) Sail Racing International as the official partner for clothing. The team of Sail Racing will develop fresh limited collections in association with the WMRT. Both technical race gear and merchandise of WMRT has been designed according to the requirements of M32 catamaran for high performance and for shore crew and fans. 

Sail Racing International Managing Director Joakim Berne said, “On being chosen the official partner of World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) we are really proud. The M32 of high speed, the new technology and the athletes requires exclusive fits and we are perfectly fit to meet their requirements. We believe that WMRT is a wonderful platform to build the highest performing sailing athletes and best teams for high speed sailing future. Also, partnering the tour is a big expansion for and us this will give us a great time in the future.

For high speed sailing, Sail Racing International concentrates on technical products. Since the last partnership 2010-2012 seasons, the WMRT has taken a tough and a major step into the racing of high-performance by introducing the M32 into it. This decision in the racing game shows that demand of the sailors has changed and they want more from their equipment and clothing. SRI most recently partnered with Croatia Bareboat charter to provide tshirts for their staff.

Test team member of Sail Racing and the skipper of WMRT Torvar Mirsky adds, “Every passing year, the tour is getting physical and intense. And with the introduction of M32 it is more now. As a sailor equipments and clothing is a crucial part of our performance. Now, the sailors need clothes that keep them cool when their heartbeat goes to the maximum level protection sailors from various types of threats. The cloths have a big effect on flexibility, padding, and breathability. Thus the cloth should remain light in weight, waterproof and stretchable.