Melges 24 World Championship

One of the many sailing events that continue into the throes of winter is the 2016 Melges 24 World Championship.

This competition is scheduled from November 29th to 3rd December. There are a total of 92 entrants who would be competing in Miami on an ocean course. Bora Gulari is being considered as the American who might have a chance at the title this time. He is considered a stalwart of Melges 24 and he has been a Moth world champion two times, once in 2013 and another time in 2009. He also clinched the title of Rolex Yachtsman of the year in 2009. Bora also came close to winning titles in Melges 24 World Championship in 2013 as well as in 2014.

Bora and his team came together in the last minute and many were apprehensive about their performance, wondering how the team would perform as they had not had time to practice. Bora had his most recent accomplishment at Danish Worlds that was held last year. He also won the Line Honors that was held in October at Lake Geneva.

For that reason many are hoping that he would have a chance at winning the competition this time. Bora hails from Turkey and was born in 1975. He is named after the katabatic winds in the Mediterranean region. He and his parents feel that he was destined to be a sailor. Both his parents were sailors before him and hence, Bora was introduced to sailing at a young age. The family then migrated to US in 1987 and they first settled in New York before they moved to Detroit. Bora started to sail with Bay View Yacht Club before he went away to be an engineering student at Michigan University. He continued to sail while he was in college. He ventured into Olympics with the 49er class and he also sailed with Moth class. He attained fame in Moth World Championship as well.